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About TC Paddlesports

Twin Cities Paddlesports is a sports club for Olympic style canoe/kayaking. We offer sprint kayaking and canoeing starting at 10 years of age. We practice on Lake Phalen in St. Paul and compete at various regattas in the US and Canada.

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What is flatwater sprint kayaking/canoing?

In kayak/canoe sprint events, athletes race on a straight course, each boat in a separate lane, over three different distances: 200m, 500m, 1000m.

There are kayak events in single (K1), double (K2) and four (K4) boats, and canoe events in single (C1), double (C2) and four (C4) boats.

In a Kayak, the paddler is seated and uses a two-blade paddle, while in a canoe, the paddler is kneeling on one knee, and uses a single-blade paddle.

Sprint Kayak Video

Watch this video from our friends in San Diego to get an idea for flatwater sprint kayaking :)

Source: SDCKT - San Diego Canoe Kayak Team

Our Current Programs

  • Lightning Racing League (2/3 x per week)Ideal age: 10-12 yearsThe Lightning Racing League is designed who would like to try paddling, possibly for the first time. During a six week program, kids will learn the basics. We teach: Getting in and out of racing boats, balancing, steering and paddling strokes. At this stage, the emphasis is on learning, fitness, and having FUN!
  • Thunder Kayak Program (2/3 x per week) Ideal age: 12-15 years Introduction to sprint kayaking. Basic paddling skills. Ideal age: 12-15 years
  • Intermediate Program (3-4 x per week) Ideal age: 12-16 years Building skills and endurance. Learn to race.
  • AM Performance Program (5 x per week) Ideal age: 14-18 years Technique. Advanced Race Tactic. Learning to compete.
  • PM Performance Program (2 x per week) Ideal age: 14-18 yearsAdvanced Endurance + Drills. Learn to perform

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We meet at the north end of Lake Phalen and start our practice at the boat launch.

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